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In just four short years, Conor McGregor has become the million-dollar man of MMA. He cracked the jaws of both the featherweight and the lightweight champions, then laughed all the way to the bank. After breaking record after record in the UFC, he set his eyes on a ludicrous boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Hell, he's even in the biggest video game franchise in the world — we're not talking EA Sports UFC 2. With a list of accolades that's longer than his shopping receipts, McGregor has just added one more: Being one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People.

"From the first time I met Conor, I knew he wasn't the type of star you could box into one category. Since I've gotten to know him, I can tell you that what you see on the screen — the now familiar face of mixed martial arts — just scratches the surface. The Dublin native is razor-sharp, disciplined and charismatic. His energy is absolutely contagious, to the point where you almost start shouting in an Irish accent after 30 seconds of hearing that world-famous mouth." — Arnold Schwarzenegger via TIME

Conor McGregor joins the ranks of Chance the Rapper and Jordan Peele in the pioneers section of the list, but shares the full honor with names like, Tom Brady, Pope Francis, and Kim Jong Un. That's pretty bizarre and mind-blowing at the same time. Of course, he couldn't have done it without one very special individual.

Standing by his side through his long journey to the top would be none other than his amazing partner, Arnold Schwarzenegger. What, did you think we were talking about mom-to-be Dee Devlin? Not only did Schwarzenegger write his entry article for the list, but he's probably been singing McGregor's praises since before you even knew who he was.

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