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In the year of great tragedy that was 2016, there was perhaps no more appalling, no more egregious an injustice than the sudden and unexpected departure of Mike Goldberg from the UFC announce team.

While the man behind such infamous catchphrases as "The Prodidy...the Progidy...the Prodigy!" and "Because if his name is Keith Johnson then 'The Dean of Mean' makes no sense" seemed to handle is departure in good humor — shocking to him though it may have been — he did hint that we may not have seen the last of him in the announcer's booth shortly thereafter.

But where is Goldie headed? Most likely, Bellator.

Speaking with The Mac Life following last weekend's Bellator 173 card, Bellator President Scott Coker doubled down on his claims that we might be seeing Goldberg in the Bellator booth in the future. But there is a catch.

We have been talking but I feel like we have got a great [broadcast] team. Sean [Grande] and Jimmy [Smith] do a great job so we’ll see what happens. We have talked. We have a great team — and that’s the hard part. If we were starting all over, you know, starting from scratch? Then maybe we could have more flexibility but we’re trying to see if we can fit him in and get something going but it’s not imminent and like I said, we have a great team.

Personally, I think Goldberg would make a great fit for Bellator (even if they should have never replaced Sean Wheelock in the first place), which has essentially become the Island of Misfit UFC Castaways over the years. For all the man's faults, he brings an undeniable passion to the sport that can often elevate a fight beyond just what is happening in the cage.

He also seems like a genuinely good guy, which never hurts.

And if this whole Bellator thing doesn't work out, I say that Goldie follows the path of fellow MMA broadcaster Mauro Ranallo and tries to hop on that WWE wagon.


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