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Justin Golightly

Hearts shattered around the MMA universe, when Mike "Goldie" Goldberg was dumped by the UFC. We'll probably never get to feel the joy of him trying to pronounce 'Joanna Jedrzejczyk' ever again. The last time we got to see Golberg, he was throwing up the Hawaiian shaka hand sign in a random fan's seat to say goodbye to B.J. Penn. Nothing is official yet, but the next time Goldie runs play-by-play may be in Bellator.

If this is true, Bellator will now own a total of twelve previous UFC employees. Hide your Rory MacDonald, hide your Fedor, because Bellator is signing everybody around here! Time will tell though, if Georges St-Pierre kneels down before the honorable Mike Goldberg.

Through the flubs and phrases, Goldberg served UFC fans the only way he could for almost two decades. He was entertaining, never took himself too seriously, and even was able to make fun of himself sometimes. No matter if it is MMA, back to hockey, or just retiring and riding into the sunset, I'm sure fans will love Goldberg no matter what. I know I will.


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