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As we dance into the new year like Cody Garbrandt, we'll be eventually getting a replacement for our faithful friend and UFC play-by-play man, Mike Goldberg. Dana White said he would be looking to get his "dream guy" finalized by July, but never named names. Speculation ran amok and the person that was singled out for the job was none other than Jim Rome.

Chael Sonnen recently hopped on his You're Welcome! show in order to put his two cents in on the rumored choice ripped out of White's broadcast dreams. Is Rome really going to be sitting next to Joe Rogan in 2017? Sonnen doesn't think so.

"If I'm to make a prediction right now, no there is nothing to this," Sonnen said. "But let's speculate because speculation is fun."

"If you could get Rome, he qualifies as a dream commentator, but you have to understand he works for a publicly traded company," Sonnen said. "His salary is out there. He makes $15 million a year and he gets to see his wife and kids every night."

If the UFC isn't willing to pay their fighters a little more scratch to make the biggest fight in the lightweight division, paying Rome an astronomical figure seems out of the question. At this point in Rome's career, it's unlikely he would take a pay cut for a ticket away from his family most days out of the year in order to try something different. Something unfamiliar. After all, this is the same schedule that Rogan negotiated down.

"You look at the travel schedule. The road eats people up no matter how good you are. You also look at the $15 million to do what you love and sleep in your own bed every night. I don't think they could justify giving him $15 million a year," Sonnen said. "That is what has worn even Rogan out. Rogan made this public, 'I don't want to travel quite as much. I got kids, I got a wife, I'm doing 36 shows a year'."

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