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Demetrious Johnson is the pound for pound best fighter in the world. He's climbed the MMA mountain and is approaching historical heights as he looks to tie 's second-best consecutive title defense record of 9 this weekend at the Finale. Everyone respects Mighty Mouse. He's incredible. But, he already knows what he wants to do when he hangs up his Hall of Fame-worthy gloves — he wants to be a pro game streamer.

Mighty Mouse and his band of followers, The Mighty Squad, have created quite the community for themselves on Twitch, and Johnson has garnered millions of views on his streams. They're all quite fun, so we took some of his choicest of snippets from his hours of gameplay to share with you, our loyal readers.

Mighty Mouse, Destiny and an impromptu Q&A

When Mighty Mouse started his stream, it was pretty typical. He was a popular guy and UFC champion who would host Q&A's as he fooled around in Destiny.

The Drug Test

You'll quickly realize that a Mighty Mouse stream can be educational, funny and full of surprises. USADA paid Mighty Mouse a visit one day as he was playing Bloodborne. Anything can happen on these streams. Even peeing in cups!

Epic comeback in Killer Instinct

But of course, there are memorable gaming moments for DJ on his stream, because he's not just here to answer questions about the UFC or pee in cups. He's here to game, man.

Mighty Mouse Gets Gamer Rage™

It's an inevitable fact — you will game and you will rage. Witness Mighty Mouse show more emotion in this clip than he has ever shown in the cage, where another man is trying to take his head off with punches and kicks.

Sadly, people still don't know who he is.

Watch Mighty Mouse ask a CS:GO team if they know who he is (they don't). They also don't really know who Jose Aldo is, or Conor McGregor. These worlds are divided, Demetrious.

Mighty Mouse finishes with a top spot in H1Z1

As an active and dedicated player of DayZ, I reject H1Z1. I understand its merits, and it looks like fun for other people, but that doesn't make Mighty Mouse's accomplishments in this King of the Hill deathmatch not damn impressive.

But it's all about the squad

Of course, Mighty Mouse represents his squad well. Game with Mighty Mouse and you have a friend for life, it seems. He'll park in a notoriously dangerous alley in Los Santos, then take a selfie with his whole depraved crew.

Mighty Mouse Johnson is fighting this Saturday at the TUF Finale, but he's on Twitch all the time, so give him a subscribe and enjoy some gaming lulz with the champ.


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