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Justin Golightly

This weekend, perhaps the most perfect fighter ever will attempt to defend his title for an incredible ninth time. Normally, that would be laughable hyperbole but not in this case.

A living video game character, is nearing closer and closer to 's record of title defenses and will seek to add another notch on his belt by defeating the winner of The Ultimate Fighter on Saturday night.

One of the coaches responsible for preparing the show's group of regional champions to fight for the UFC flyweight title was , who has already fought against Johnson twice and failed. Back at , Benavidez watched live as the person who would be his rival on the show, , also fell short against "Mighty Mouse".

It seemed like there wasn't a better match on paper for Johnson other than an the Olympic wrestler who was also a Golden Gloves boxer. Johnson kept shaking his head in interviews though, and insisted this was an MMA fight, not just straight boxing or wrestling. He was right. Johnson finished Cejudo in the first round.

In a current MMA climate that spins and vortexes into an unpredictable chaos, Johnson has managed to stay one of the only dominant champions besides . He's a 5'3" tactician of violent homeostasis and shows no signs of slowing down.

If this past year has taught us anything, it's that we should expect the unexpected.

Watch other UFC fighters and even previous opponents praise Johnson.


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