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If tells you to drink cobra blood and swallow the beating heart of the snake, you do it.

Earlier this month, the UFC sent lightweight Michael Chiesa and Chuck Liddell to the Philippines to make an appearance to promote . Both Chiesa and Liddell were also sent to Vietman for the opening of a UFC gym, and that's where things got weird.

"So, I was originally supposed to do the Manila event and then they cancelled it," Chiesa told Champions. "Then, they said they’re going to send me four, five days early and I was supposed to go there right after. So, the event gets cancelled, they send me down there early, and I’m hanging out with Chuck [Liddell] and his family. He was there a little earlier than me, stayed after, and told me he was going to do all these crazy things like drink cobra blood."

"He tells me that we’re going to go to this restaurant, and that he's going to drink cobra blood, and it's going to be totally crazy, and he's going to drink the heart and it’s going to be beating, and it's going to be rad. I said, 'Cool, it doesn’t really interest me, but I'll watch you.'"

"So, we get to the restaurant, and they pull out two cobras in bags and I’m like, 'What is this?' Chuck is like, 'Oh, you're going to do this with me.' [...] I’m not going to say no to Chuck Liddell. This is Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddell. You don’t say no to Chuck."

"So, the chef gets these snakes, and they’re in bags. Dude, it looks like something...I don’t even know, like a Bloodsport movie. So, they pull them out of the bags, and they gut them right in front of us. They dump all the blood out, and they pull out all the organs and all the meat. Then, they pulled the heart out and they threw it in a shot of vodka, and we just shoot it and you can feel it going down to your chest beating and moving."

"It was intense man, but the cool thing is that they cook every part of the snake except the head, so it's not like everyone is freaking out because we just like killed these snakes. They cooked the whole thing, and we ate meat all night, and they mixed the blood with bottles of vodka, and we took shots all night of vodka and cobra blood."

When asked how many cobra blood shots he took, Chiesa responded "quite a bit." He also summed up his whole cobra blood story as "quite and exprerience." It's hard to disagree with that.


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