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Jason Nawara

Yoel Romero doesn't seem like the type of guy you want to antagonize, but Michael Bisping has a special way with words. The middleweight champ has defied the odds again and again, but this time, it looks like he has his greatest challenge in front of him.

Yoel Romero is a beast of a man. He explodes into violence like Michael Bisping busts into break beats when he takes on the moniker of DJ Michael Bisping. Yoel Romero picks up men and throws them across the cage like The Count chucks putdowns that make mortal men consider their life choices. No one is saying Yoel Romero is as articulate as Bisping, and no one is saying Bisping is as scary as Romero, but we know anything can happen in the Octagon. constantly proves that.

Now, we head into the holidays with Michael Bisping packing his belly full of holiday foods, while Yoel Romero continues his shade-throwing tour of the champ as they gear up for their middleweight title fight that should go down this spring.

Don't pay attention to this just yet.

Speaking on the MMA Hour, Romero went back to the well on the whole, "Bisping asked me for wrestling help" thing. Then he talked about Bisping talking, which was decidedly meta (h/t MMA Fighting):

Romero then continued on, answering Bisping's rhetorical question about Romero's ironically-godly physique:

"How can this man, this old man have that physique? How can that man beat these younger athletes? The answer is there, they just don't want to see it. It's not me, it's God."

This fight is going to be fun. Very fun.


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