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Michael Bisping has always been outspoken, especially when a fight is coming up. Ever since he watched Yoel Romero knee the head off of Chris Weidman, he's been softening him up with verbal jabs non-stop. Now that their fight for the title is official, that trash talk isn't going to let up anytime soon. Bisping's latest social media dig centers around Romero's 'cheating' episode against . This is just the latest in a very epic career of bending the Octagon's rules to help win his fights.

The Infamous Stool Gate

wasn't the first time a soaking-wet Yoel Romero took a little extra time on a stool. At , Romero was cut, was getting the better of him, and he was tired. Dead tired. After his corner time was over, Romero stayed on that stool like his butt was glued to it. Between the confusion and the corner man having to walk back in and remove Romero's seat, he bought an extra 30 seconds to recover and on the fight going into the third round. Joe Rogan was freaking out and, needless to say, Kennedy was royally pissed off too.

There's no denying it. Romero has done everything from douse himself with water, refuse to move from his stool, and perform epic fence grabs like when was about to score a round-winning takedown. You always want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but with a track record like this, the odds have been stacked against Romero for a long time.

"He's cheated in every single fight he's ever been in in the UFC. Every fight. You go back and look at every fight he's ever been in he's cheated. Then we find out he's cheating by having stuff in his body that he's not supposed to have. We know that it's in there and that he's not supposed to have it. And they say okay buddy, you just cheated, like you've been cheating, and now we are going to take him at his word that supplements, that he supplied, he didn't cheat in what they put in there?" — Tim Kennedy in an MMA Underground interview.

...Yeah, let's not forget 's other form of "cheating". It's important to note that Romero proved his case that it was a tainted supplement that caused him to fail his drug test after , but do you think that will prevent Bisping from using that against him? Not a chance.

Listen to this discussion on Romero's history of pushing the rules.


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