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When Georges St-Pierre made his UFC comeback official earlier in the month, it sent the MMA world into a tailspin of speculation and excitement (except if you were Johny Hendricks). Who would "Rush" be fighting? Would it be Conor McGregor, as his coach had hinted at? What weight class would he be fighting at? CAN THE UFC STILL 'ANDLE HIS RIDDUM?!!

Well, it seems that we finally have our answer to at least two of those questions: Michael Bisping, at middleweight.

The fight was made official by Dana White just moments ago on Sportscenter, who confirmed that the fight would be for Bisping's middleweight championship.

Yes, it seems that Bisping's wish to only take "the biggest fights possible" has been granted.

"Everyone wants to take a shot at Michael Bisping. They think he's beatable, and obviously Georges St-Pierre is no different" said White, who additionally revealed that the UFC would be holding a press conference for the fight on Friday.

With Bisping currently recovering from knee surgery and St-Pierre still needing to go through the USADA process before he is eligible to compete again, no date has been set for the fight as of yet. We do know, however, that it will take place this year.

We now go live to Yoel Romero for a reaction.


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