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Jason Nawara

Full disclosure: Michael Bisping writes for us. You know it, we know it — everybody knows that DJ Michael Bisping is one of our many fighter creators. With that said, we have our own 2016 Awards ceremony coming up, and I personally voted for Bisping as the Fighter of the Year. Now, FOX Sports is validating my vote by naming Bisping as the aptly-named 2016 FOX Sports Fighter of the year.

Why? Do you really need an explanation?

Fine. I'll give you a (brief) bullet point breakdown on why ended 2016 as not only the undisputed UFC middleweight champion, but the 2016 Fighter of the Year and most importantly, the captor of our hearts.

  • He friggin' beat Anderson Silva after getting clocked by a flying knee

  • He took on Luke Rockhold on barely two weeks notice for the UFC middleweight strap then knocked him out. It's something that can only truly be enjoyed in slow motion. This was part 1 of his 2016 Revenge Tour.

  • And of course, he beat Dan Henderson in a 5-round war to finally close the books on the H-Bomb heard round the world. Not only did Bisping survive two brutal punches that busted him up and left him reeling, he rallied to pick apart Hendo to retain his title. Not many people can take this punch and keep on going, but Bisping did.

Say what you will about Conor McGregor's two titles — Bisping has shown his longevity for 10 years. He was already respected as a fighter, but now he's had a storybook 2016. One that's worthy of the title: Fighter of the Year.

Oh yeah, Bisping was in the latest xXx. Take that, Conor.


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