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Jason Nawara

Now that the dust from has finally settled, we have a new middleweight title challenger, and he's hard to deny. Yoel Romero will be fighting Michael Bisping "sometime in the spring."

Here's what Bisping said on Sirius XM (h/t MMA Fighting)

"So a couple of days ago Dana calls me up... and he's like ‘Mike, January 20. Anaheim. You vs. Yoel Romero.' I said well to be honest Dana I've been getting injections on my knee. Now I'm not saying no to Yoel because believe it or not, after beating Weidman like that, yeah I do fancy it."

Ultimately, it could've been a fight earlier in the year, but Bisping wanted to take some time off with his family before stepping into the Octagon with a monster:

"Listen, I've had three fights this year. It was only four weeks ago I had a war with Dan Henderson. I want to enjoy Christmas with my family. So January 20 ain't going to happen. I'm not physically or mentally ready to jump into a training camp right now.

"That fight, that date is nine weeks away. I'd have to start training next week and I'd have to be in training camp all the way through Christmas. My family is coming out for Christmas. I'm planning on having some downtime. I think I've earned that. I've got a couple injuries I need to heal up. They said, 'okay, so what time are we looking at?' and I said, 'sometime this spring. Some time this spring, 100%. Book the fight.' He goes, 'Okay cool. Let me have a look at the calendar, see what dates are available, see what locations, I'll get in touch and we'll figure something out.

Romero has been playful despite the sometimes nasty back and forth.

So UFC 208 is the end of January, which means we're looking at a UFC 210 or later fight for the middleweight strap between and the terrifying . Bisping has overcome the odds plenty of times before, but when you look back, Anderson Silva was playing with Bisping and going full Weird Anderson. Dan Henderson was very much on his last fight, and Luke Rockhold didn't respect Bisping, thus he got caught.

Yoel is a killer. Will he let his guard down or will he look to tear The Count limb from limb? Will Romero make Bisping pay for the steroid comments?


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