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Jason Nawara

Oh, Diego Sanchez. The Ultimate Fighter 1 winner was introduced to the masses by "absorbing the power of thunderstorms" while doing yoga at the fighter house, and he hasn't let us down with his special brand of crazy since.

Even though he's nearing the end of his career, 's press conference played host to one more wild Diego moment, when he gave googly eyes to UFC newcomer and Bellator contender Marcin Held.

This is absolutely worth watching.

To be clear, here's what was said:

Marcin Held got intense right back, and Diego being Diego, fed from the general intensity of the situation.

Diego has been blasted on the feet by his last few opponents such as Gilbert Melendez and Joe Lauzon, which has led to many thinking he's going to take this to the ground, where he used to dominate. It seems like Diego thinks that's a good idea:

Of course, that's what I want, give me some is my new go-to reaction at the Vegas buffets.


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