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Justin Golightly

You have to feel for Ricardo Lamas, because he now may have two fights canceled on him.

Lamas was tapped to fight underwater, stone-carrying legend B.J. Penn, but a rib injury forced Penn out of the fight and the UFC to eventually cancel the entire card. The UFC promised to find all of the fighters replacement fights, this is where Charles Oliveira came in for this weekend's .

It seems like Lamas can't catch a break though, because Oliveira just weighed in ten pounds over—technically nine pounds if you count the one pound allowance. So, he just showed up at lightweight to a featherweight contest.

The current word is that will still take the fight, but that doesn't mean UFC will accept it or if will continue on to fight night either. It is interesting to note, that not only is this technically the fifth time he has missed weight, but Oliveira is 3-1 in fights he's missed weight for and still fought.

Watch the weigh-in below and we'll keep you informed if the fight will still be on.


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