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This Saturday, Max Holloway finally reaches the point of no return. If the UFC was NBA Jam, Holloway would be walking into the Octagon with flames trailing behind him. He has stacked up a nine fight win streak, one of the most impressive streaks in UFC featherweight history, and equal to the total amount of fights Jose Aldo has had in the UFC.

Think about that stat for a second.

So, at UFC 206, Holloway will finally get his shot at UFC (interim) gold against Anthony Pettis, and the world will be waiting for that crazy Hawaiian warrior to point at the ground to welcome showtime to Showtime.

When this classic moment went down at , the fans freaked out right along with Joe Rogan when Holloway and Ricardo Lamas entered into a very violent gentleman's agreement. He was winning the fight, but he stood in the pocket and slugged away with Lamas like they were in a phone booth. Other fighters even followed suit as Steve Bosse did the same to Sean O'Connell back at and thus it was dubbed "The Holloway."

The craze didn't stop with fighters in the Octagon. Once the fanfare picked up, turned 's 10-second blitz into a taunt that triggers a reaction from your opponent so millions of people can replicate it at home. At this moment, there are probably gamers trying to pull off the 'stand and bag' sesh with in the anticipation for this weekend at .

The implications for this fight will set the tone for the featherweight division moving into the new year, and lead the winner to a highly anticipated fight with former king . Although, the high stakes probably won't stop Holloway from digging his feet into whatever logo is in the center and swinging for the fences.

Listen to Holloway talk Aldo, McGregor and Pettis below!

Watch the entire Holloway vs. Lamas fight below.


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