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Justin Golightly

Max Holloway is a guy who never forgets where he came from. The only thing he talks about more than Jose "Waldo" or getting gold wrapped around his waist is his stomping grounds of Hawaii. (Did you know he's from Hawaii?)

After one of the best win streaks in recent memory and years of work knocking off challenger after challenger, Holloway finally reached the pinnacle of his entire career at by defeating Anthony Pettis to win the interim UFC featherweight title.

The best part about getting that interim gold though, was being able to take it back into the loving arms of his friends and family from Waianae.

It just doesn't get any better than this. You can't help but get chills (and a warm heart, it's very hot and cold) as Holloway rides into town and sees people lined up on the side of the road to give him a hero's welcome. 's love for Hawaii hearkens back to the days of and now they have a new champion to herald.

If you want to get all misty-eyed, need something to brighten up your day, or just join in celebrating Holloway's achievement, this latest video is what all of this is about.

This is Holloway's homecoming.


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