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Justin Golightly

Seeing Matt Hamill come back out of nowhere is like seeing an old friend. He's probably most famous for being the only guy to "beat" Jon Jones. Before that, it was a pretty impressive win streak; after that, a long string of losses. In his first win since 2012, Hamill strutted into Fight 2 Night 2 and knocked out Luiz Cane.

Ah, you have to appreciate a good uppercut barrage. Not only did he finally get a win after five years, but Maurico "Shogun" Rua got to present him with the — weird, belt-plaque hybrid thing. At 40-years old and with his record, you have to think ol' Hammer Hamill won't be making some sort of miraculous resurgence, but Jon Jones may be looking for a tune-up fight. It'd be great to see him get even with the only loss on his record.


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