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Justin Golightly

It seems like every week now, a fed-up UFC middleweight comes onto The MMA Hour airing their grievances. Just last week, Anderson Silva showed off his English profanity and said he wouldn't fight unless it was for an interim title with Yoel Romero. It wasn't just an empty threat, he kept his word by pulling out of . With Romero and Silva joining forces for an unofficial strike, Luke Rockhold has encouraged their solidarity and delivered an ultimatum of his own.

With Rockhold joining the stable, all of the top middleweights have banded together in protest of the UFC. Not just the UFC, but basically Michael Bisping, who is the other half that forced this excrement storm in motion. He'll be laughing all the way to the bank if the Georges St-Pierre fight ever happens. Luke Rockhold has said he's not interested in money fights and just wants a title. He's not picky on the weight that title is earned at either.

If this solution is familiar, it's because Gegard Mousasi had the same idea due to middleweight limbo. Rockhold also said he would fight Fabricio Werdum just a couple of months ago, which he insisted he was serious about earlier today. Hell, let's jet chaos reign. Chaos is better than stagnation nearly 100% of the time. Book Rockhold to fight Werdum, Romero against Silva, and Mousasi gets winner of Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones.


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