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Justin Golightly

Sometimes, a UFC staredown can consist of a just a smiling nod to acknowledge friendly competition and a bro hug. Other times though, Diego Sanchez tries to stare a hole through your brain and all hell breaks loose. It just all depends on what fighter is standing in front of you. Marc Diakiese seems like he isn't that type of fighter that wants to be buddies with the guy he's contracted to hurt. All Teemu Packalen wanted was a handshake, but instead he got slapped and scolded.

As tensions ran high...

Now that Sean Shelby has stepped into a more visible role, it's time for him to share in the same heart attacks fighters give Dana White. Arnold Allen and Makwan Amirkhani bull-rushed each other like fight night just got moved up, but they were just kidding. Luckily, they're saving it for tomorrow afternoon. UFC London starts on Saturday at 1:30 PM on the East coast.


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