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Justin Golightly

The "Elbow Queen" Lina Lansberg earned her namesake, but not how she probably planned. Lucie Pudilova got off double digit elbows in the last round and ran away with the fight with crisp, Nate Diaz-esque one-twos. By the end of the fight, Lansberg's face was one giant hematoma that would probably have to be blurred out if the card was on FOX.

Wow, that was a ton of punishment. Although Pudilova definitely won under PRIDE/Diaz Bro's scoring system, Lansberg was awarded the decision to a chorus of boos but even she didn't feel right about it. She ended up raising Pudilova's hand and unofficially declaring her the winner of their fight. Even though this is the second time she's "beaten" Pudilova, Lansberg was vocal about a trilogy fight. Pudlilova's reaction? Absolutely priceless.


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