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Justin Golightly

Gunnar Nelson is the epitome of a cerebral assassin. His expression never changes, his decisions are always intelligent, and he stays composed in the most stressful encounters. Matter of fact, he stayed so composed during his fight with Alan Jouban, that he was able to decide against damaging the Versace model's in his path to victory.

"At that point, it was just the most obvious opening for me. I thought the way it went, it was just the most clinical instead of running into him and throwing a bunch of shots to get the knock out. He was out, there was no need to give him a few more punches to the face. He's a pretty guy as well. He's a model, you know? There was no need. There's no need." — Gunnar Nelson told MMAJunkie.

It takes a special kind of fighter to think about saving his opponent's money-maker, while also dominating the fight. is just different. These two dudes even met up after the fight and talked strategy. Nelson is so nice that he'll defeat you, make sure you're not too roughed up in the process, then tell you how you can beat him next time later at the bar. There's just no way you can't respect a guy like that.


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