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For some people, hearing that Chan Sung Jung has been out of the UFC for three-and-a-half years may be the only thing they know about him. After all, it was a much different place back then. Better known as the Korean Zombie, Jung's last fight was at UFC 163 with Jose Aldo for the featherweight title. This was before Reebok, before the giant sale, and before Conor McGregor ushered in hoards of new fans to a sport just about to hit its climax. Jung will make his anticipated return 42 months later against Dennis Bermudez. If you only watch one fight before Saturday, watch his fight with Leonard Garcia.

Violent. Technical. Always pushing forward. Jung is an exciting slugger that definitely lives up to his zombie nomenclature. It's one of the reasons he's such a cult favorite of pre-McGregor era fight fans. It's his skills standing up that distract you from the fact that Jung is slick on the ground. Like... really slick.

With only one second left in the second round — one second left pulled off a crazy transition, took Garcia's back and locked up the twister forcing him to tap. Again, some very good naming going on considering this submission literally 'twists' the opponent's neck and spine in all sorts of bad positions. This submission was the first of its kind in the UFC and landed in seventh place on our ridiculous submission list, was awarded Submission of the Night, and later won the World MMA Awards Submission of the Year.

"When Korean Zombie pulled off the twister and said he'd learned it from my YouTube videos, man, I was on cloud nine that night. I ate six chocolate chip cookies with milk that night as I sat there reading all my Twitters. I thought, you know what? I'm celebrating. So I went to Subway and got six chocolate chip cookies." — Eddie Bravo to MMAFighting.

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