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Justin Golightly

Georges St-Pierre is one of the undisputed, greatest MMA fighters of all time. He could probably even travel back through history and take his former self to a decision. Spanning three divisions, half the UFC roster wants to fight him, so who will stand across from St-Pierre in the Octagon and feel the "rush" of his return first? His own coach thinks it should be Conor McGregor, and now Jon Anik and Kenny Florian want the fight as well.

"You know what? Michael Jordan is coming back to MMA," Jon Anik said on the Anik and Florian podcast. "I don't know, man. I would like to see Conor and Georges St-Pierre. It'd be like De La Hoya/Mayweather. The whole world's watching. 2.5-3 million pay-per-view buys — easy."

"That's the biggest fight in UFC history right there," Florian said. "Imagine a $2 million buy pay-per-view in the UFC between those two. I think that's a very realistic thing. With the way the UFC has been doing things, they haven't been waiting around. They've been trying to go for the big game kill right away. They've been trying to put the biggest fights they can, as quickly as possible. That might be the fight."

This is exactly the reason why safer fights with and could get double-legged right out of the conversation. Of course, they could always do one of those first, but why in the hell would they?

The same UFC that strapped a rocket pack to and jetted him into a lightweight title shot for , is exactly the UFC that would put on this insanity. After all, they need to have big reasons to reel McGregor back in from boxing, now they have potentially 3 million of them.


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