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Justin Golightly

You can't get anything by eagle-eyed MMA fans on the internet. They'll enhance an image in Photoshop, find a substance banned by USADA, then tag the fighter on Twitter and rat him out. Now, when an unlikely Venn diagram of Runescape players and the other type of keyboard warriors are combined, that's a force that no one can stop. Robert John Whittaker posted an innocent picture of his meal on Instagram, but just so happened to have some old school Runescape (OSRS) opened up on his monitor. Suddenly, two separate kingdoms of the worldwide web went on a quest to find him.

In the era of Twitch and high tech video game streaming, is out here playing a 16-year old MMORPG — That's massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the non-adventurer. If you think about it, this may all make sense.

Slaying dragons could be his way of preparing for his upcoming fight with MMA's dangerous crocodilian. is a high level opponent in UFC's bestiary worth leveling up to battle. Most likely though, it's the warm cloak of nostalgia that OSRS provides its players.

Robert Whittaker's Runescape Stats


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