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Amy Kaplan

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones says that he thinks the new dual division champion Conor McGregor could beat welterweight champion Tyron Woodley... sort of.

And he seems pretty impressed with McGregor's performance on Saturday.

And himself apparently...

Jones is currently on a one year USADA suspension following a failed drug test but that hasn't kept him off Twitter and commenting with his fans.

McGregor beat Eddie Alvarez to obtain the lightweight belt and become the first ever two divisional UFC champion but Jones, who many consider to be the GOAT of the sport, doesn't seem to want to share that title with McGregor.

Regardless of how impressed (or not impressed depending on the tweet) Jones seems with McGregor he is sure of one thing... he'd beat him.

Jones is on suspension until at least July 2017. He's waiting on his ruling from the Nevada Athletic Commission to see if they will add on to his suspension or not.


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