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Once the Daniel Cormier and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson rematch was booked for April, the UFC's endgame wasn't hard to deduce. Jon Jones' suspension dissolves and leaves him ready for competition in July, and most people still hold the position that Cormier's light heavyweight title is really just a placeholder until Jones returned. Despite Dana White's harsh words about Jones when his failed drug test put UFC 200 in jeopardy, White confirms he'll get a title shot straight away.

“Jon Jones is supposed to return around July so the timing is perfect. I haven’t talked to him. I have not talked to Jon Jones since the whole incident [at UFC 200]," White said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. "Depending on where Jon’s head is and where he thinks he is, I would assume he would come right back and try to get his title back."

Sure, Jones fighting (or ) for the title on a big Summer pay-per-view event is no big surprise, but White's comments are. Not only is this stance the complete opposite of when he said Jones would 'never' headline a card again after he had to be pulled off , but it's in stark contrast to his comments back when 'ruined' as well by refusing to fight on eight days notice.

“Good for you, Jon Jones. You’re rich and you’ve got some money so you didn’t need to take this fight. But there are a bunch of the guys on the undercard and this is the way they feed their family. This is the way they make a living. The UFC has spent loads of money to promote this fight and you didn’t feel like it or whatever your reason is not to fight. I don’t know why a champion, a guy considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters, wouldn’t fight anybody. It’s baffling to me. I’ve never seen it before.” — Dana White on UFC 151 cancellation

Of course, Dana White hasn't always been a guy who you can trust when he says things. However, with no Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and zero huge drawing stars in the pipe, it's easy to see White having a change of heart with Jones being the PPV savior that he needs. Especially if Cormier is able to beat Rumble again, I mean, remember this gold?

Flashback to Jon Jones a couple of weeks before being pulled from UFC 200.


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