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It may be a few more months before we see step back into the cage, but that doesn't mean he can't pick a fight or two in the meantime.

The former light heavyweight champion has been keeping himself pretty busy since the whole UFC 200 fiasco, trading in his 4 oz. gloves for a rash guard and the UFC Octagon for the mats of Submission Underground. After outsizing and submitting Dan Henderson at the upstart promotion's second event back in December, "Bones" quickly found himself as the most wanted man in jiu-jitsu, with everyone from grappling wizard Garry Tonon to former UFC light heavyweight Vinny Magalhaes wanting a piece.

Most vocal, however, has been Conor McGregor's BJJ coach, Dillon Danis. Already scheduled to face AJ Agazarm in the main event of Submission Underground 3, Danis has been absolutely incessant in his needling of Jones on social media in recent weeks, most recently dropping this throwback gem of the two on his Twitter page.

As far as poking the bear goes, I give this about a 6. In any case, it seems that the former G.O.A.T is already growing tired of Danis' style of humor, recently telling Fight Hub TV that he would have nothing to gain from beating the "douchey" New Jerseyan in a match.

“He’s a lot smaller than me, so already going into that grappling match there is not much to gain. I just beat Henderson and I was a lot bigger than him. I think right now people would like to see me go up against somebody that is bigger than me just to have a different challenge. But him telling me to beg him was just kind of a douchey thing to do. I felt like I was already in a situation where I had not much to gain, not many people know who he is."

You mean like taunting-your-opponent-and-giving-them-the-universal-symbol-for-"suck it" level douchey, Jon? Or do you mean more calling-your-opponent-a-p*ssy-and-threatening-to-kill-them-on-live-television level douchey?

I kid, I kid. Please don't kill me.

We'll have to see whether this friendly rivalry boils over into something more at Submission Underground 3. As for when we can actually expect to see these two trade kneebars and kimuras, well...


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