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If you're one to follow controversy, then chances are you've heard about the current animal abuse allegations surrounding the film A Dog's Purpose. The movie has been in hot water (no pun intended) after a video surfaced showing one of the film's canine protagonists being mistreated on set.

As we learned on this week's UFC-themed episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there are only two things you cannot recover from in life and one of them is being mean to dogs, and as such, the film has been widely boycotted by the animal loving community and is likely to suffer huge losses at the box office this weekend. That it doesn't appear to be a good movie regardless of the controversy is another issue entirely.

But that's all secondary information. What you need to know is that former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones – never a stranger to controversy himself – bought a ticket to A Dog's Purpose yesterday and live tweeted his experience.

The reactions were somewhat mixed.

Typos aside (unless Jones watched A Dog's Purpose while playing a pickup game of basketball), it seems that a movie about a humble beast being given chance after chance after chance to start over with a clean slate really made an impression on "Bones." Hard to see why.

Of course, then Jones was forced to defend why he would dare contribute to such a shameful, dog-hating movie.

Bones' Final Verdict:

And if we know one thing about Jon Jones, it's that he can tell the real dog lovers from the phonies, because only a true dog lover would volunteer to let police dogs tear them to shreds in the name of good fun.


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