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The future is suddenly looking a lot brighter for Johny Hendricks.

After missing weight on two separate occassions and dropping three straight fights, the former welterweight champion earned his first win in over two years at last weekend, outgunning knockout king Hector Lombard for three rounds en route to a unanimous decision win in his middleweight debut.

And now that he's got his groove back, "Bigg Rigg" is looking to settle the score with Georges St-Pierre.

With the announcement of St-Pierre's return to the UFC being made official on Friday, the man who sent him into retirement is hoping that "Rush" will finally make good on the rematch he was promised following the pair's controversial title fight at UFC 167.

“I would just say sorry for the Canadians,” Hendricks said. “I’m going to have to beat his face in, definitely if he comes to 185. Because that’s a fight that I’ve been really looking for. And now that I’ve got a win under my belt at 185, he’s a newcomer at 185.”

Hendricks is referring to the "mega fight" between St-Pierre and middleweight champion Michael Bisping which both camps have been adamantly trying to setup ever since the rumors of St-Pierre's UFC return first began to circulate. Unfortunately, it's looking like we're more likely to see the former welterweight kingpin return at lightweight than middleweight, which Hendricks has about a good of a chance cutting to as I do of KOing Stipe Miocic in a street fight.

But hey, at least Hendricks can at least put those talks of his retirement to rest.


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