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We throw around the term "savage" a lot these days -- be it in relation to everything from an MMA fight to a siiiick meme we saw in Instagram -- but I can think of no more appropriate way to describe the hurricane of violence that is UFC bantamweight John Lineker.

Not only has "Hands of Stone" displayed nothing short of a disdain for the weigh-in process over the course of his 5 year, 13-fight career with the UFC -- having missed weight an astounding five times in two different weight classes -- but if you've ever seen a fight of his before (which, if you haven't, the door is right over there and I hope it hits ya where the good Lord split ya on your way out), then you know that man's switch seems to be permanently stuck on "Clubber Lang" when the cage door closes.

An example in gif form? WHY OF COURSE I HAVE ONE.

At last weekend, Lineker's savagery was once again on full display in his main card matchup with TJ Dillashaw.

Though he was all but beaten from pillar to post by the former bantamweight champion, Lineker still managed to win over the fans in his absolute refusal to give up, trading hands with the more versatile Dillashaw for three full rounds en route to a unanimous decision loss.

And if Lineker's ability to withstand the assault of a man who once did this to Renan Barao wasn't already impressive enough, it turns out that Lineker managed to do so despite having his jaw broken by a head kick in the opening minute of the fight. As he revealed to MMAFighting today.

I felt a pop right away. I wasn’t dizzy or anything like that, but I felt a pop. I thought ‘it was just the kick, no problem,’ but it start to hurt a lot in the second round. I truly felt it in the third, when I took all of his punches.

Despite being cleared by doctors immediately following the fight, it wasn't until Lineker attempted to eat later that night that he knew something was off. After being given an MRI by UFC doctors in his hotel room, it turns out Lineker had fractured his jaw in two places.

Even more ridiculous, it looks like Lineker won't have to undergo surgery in order to heal his injury, likely because he is already being recruited by Charles Xavier to fight for the side of humanity in the oncoming mutant wars. In my opinion, Lineker > Magneto 9 times out of 10.


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