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It's really happening, y'all. Following months of back-and-forth negotiations and enough trash-talk to fill...something trash-related (a barge? a landfill?), it looks like Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather might finally, really, actually be happening.

With McGregor looking to settle things with the Nevada State Athletic Commission relating to his bottle-throwing incident at the UFC 202 presser in order to get clearance for the blockbuster boxing match, there are only a few questions remaining:

  • Is Mayweather trying to pull a fast one by saying that he's still retired?
  • Will the NSAC or the UFC somehow bungle this up?
  • Who is going to commentate the fight?

While that last question may not seem the most pressing, it's precisely what was on the mind of former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub when discussing the potential fight with Joe Rogan on the latest edition of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Thinking that the announcing team for the fight would need a voice that "knows Conor McGregor" to balance out the scales, Schaub asked Rogan if he would consider taking the gig if it was offered. Unfortunately for MMA fans, Rogan quickly shot the notion down.

"No, I won't do that," said Rogan, stating his desire to watch the fight on one of his Fight Companion podcasts rather than as an announcer.

But if not Rogan, then who?

"What the UFC should do is make a deal where we can do it [in studio] like this," Rogan added.

"Let the [boxing] guys take over the commentary, and have two sound things that you can choose. Like A or B. We can't really broadcast the commentary [of the fight] because it's not our product...four drunk, stoned dudes talking sh*t and making each other laugh while watching the fights."

Per usual, the discussion then devolved into a debate about whether or not Rogan would agree to those terms with the stipulation that he couldn't smoke weed, and if you don't know what his answer was, then you definitely haven't seen enough Joe Rogan before.

So Rogan may be out, but I think we can all agree on a rogue, recently unemployed announcer that we'd like to see take his place...

And the search to find our man is ALLLLLLLL OVERRRRRRR!


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