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As the Bob Dylan song says, the times they are a(llegedly) changin'.

UFC's super mega deal is old news now and the changes that the new ownership entails are slowly starting to take shape. WME-IMG is going to have a large impact to equate for that $4 billion price tag and we are just in the very beginning. Tons of employees left for other jobs and some were just straight let go.

Are the next victims of this fallout two beloved and sometimes mocked hype-machines, and Joe Rogan? MMA Mania reports they could be.

This could mean any number of things if true. If the UFC does get a different network deal, these networks could actually place their own goons with mics to talk about stuff they may not know about. So, hopefully we would just be looking at replacements in-house.

If this is the case, there are plenty of people more than willing to step up to a much larger role and a myriad of styles to choose from. UFC could go with 's medical dissection of the action or 's ever-present passion and charming accent. The list doesn't just stop there: Brian Stann, Kenny Florian, Jon Anik, John Gooden and even has sat in the booth, although Jon Jones didn't approve.

While all of those guys are great, no matter what your commentating style, you have to admit either a small or a significantly large part of you would miss peak Rogan moments that only Rogan could make happen like the spilled ice debacle at .

Rogan has taken less and less UFC obligations since the sell and has limited himself only to stateside pay-per-views, so it seems like only matter of time. He made his debut all the way back at almost 20 years ago, the same card as 's first fight in the Octagon.

Check out Rogan's first UFC appearance.


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