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If Ronda Rousey feels like she could not find support anymore in the media, she definitely has it among her fellow fighters. The legend Anderson Silva offered her some inspirational words of support, and Cat Zingano even stuck up for her when she felt Amanda Nunes was out of line. Joanna Jedrzejczyk is the latest fighter to talk about Rousey and had nothing but nice things to say.

"I don't know what she should do. It's her life. I don't like when someone is trying to get into my life, so I'm not going to do this to Ronda. I think that she needs some privacy and some time off," Jedrzejczyk said to MMAWeekly. "She has done so much for us — for the female fighters, for the UFC fighters — for all of us. She brought UFC to the mainstream, to a different level, and this is amazing, so lots of respect to her."

"I move to American Top Team and I am friends with Amanda [Nunes], but I know Ronda for a long time. We had really good time during the media and other obligations for the UFC," Jedrzejczyk said. "I know her, not just as an athlete, but a normal human being lady, you know? She's an amazing person."

Clearly she has a lot of respect for Rousey, she even is inspired to be better based on what Rousey has accomplished in the Octagon. already surpassed Rousey in most consecutive wins in her division, now she'll attempt to break her record of title defenses for whoever she is fighting next.

"I love Ronda Rousey but I want to beat her limit of the title defenses in the UFC. She defended her title for 6 times." Jedrzejczyk said. "I want to do this the same because I want to keep companion with Ronda Rousey."

Revisit Amanda Nunes post-UFC 207.


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