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Justin Golightly

Ever since the UFC started the women's featherweight division, a dark cloud of criticism and controversy has shrouded it. Germaine de Randamie beat Holly Holm for the inaugural title, but suffered from a Schrödinger broken hand ever since. After Cris Cyborg — the reason the whole division was created — finally got her shot at UFC 214 in Anaheim, de Randamie pulls out. Meanwhile, Megan Anderson has been pacing back and forth for the UFC to call. She didn't get Dana White on the phone, but Cyborg herself called into The MMA Hour to try and finally bring the featherweight division a fight they deserve.

Hold on, we've got another call on the line!


There you have it, folks. There was no trash talk. No over-the-top dramatics. Cyborg even agreed with that she hasn't fought a true 145 lb fighter since coming into the UFC. How long can the UFC underutilize the most dominant female fighter in the sport? How long can they keep the women's featherweight roster at only two or three fighters? After this phone conversation, this fight is the closest it can be to happening without it putting pen to paper, and it would finally legitimize the division. The ball is in your court, UFC.


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