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UFC flyweight Ian McCall is gearing up to face Neil Seery this weekend at UFC Fight Night Belfast, and his opponent has already announced this will be his last fight. It looks like McCall may be following suit — But not right away. McCall told SevereMMA:

And although he hasn't announced his own retirement, he does seem to understand that the time may be coming soon to throw in the towel.

"[My body] is old, it's got a lot of miles on it," he said. "I'm not young so I train a lot differently than I used to."

He went on to say that he's taking better care of his body now, but promised his family that he wouldn't continue after another injury.

"I promised my family that if I had one more surgery I would be done," he said.

This will be McCall's fourth attempt to step into the Octagon in the last 15 months. His last two attempts were thwarted by opponents who could not make weight, while McCall has dealt with injuries.

Despite those setbacks, doesn't seem worried that the issue will arise again.

"There's no way this happens again. I really don't see it happening, Neil looks fine," he said. "He's gonna be there."

See what happens this Saturday when McCall takes on at UFC Fight Night Belfast, live on starting at 4 pm Eastern time.


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