ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

We're only in the first days of February, but we'll remember this night. Oh yes, we'll remember. Jessica Andrade and Angela Hill just gave us the female version of Guida/Sanchez — please look:

It seems like Angie Hill won't just cosplay Street Fighter, she'll embody the superhuman martial artists and come close to launching a hadouken at Andrade's face.

If you watch this .gif, it's like it never stops:

And it wasn't just this exchange that was phenomenal, the whole fight was a back and forth knock down, drag out brawl. It was 15 minutes of intensity. Everything that was thrown, landed. And a lot was thrown.

In the end, Andrade got the W, but both ladies won tonight. Incredible. So leave your "it's February" comments at the door. This won't be topped this year. Let's watch again.


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