ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Our own Elias Theodorou is a tough guy. He always moves forward and insists on putting himself in dangerous positions in order to move into a position that will get him the win. That's what we saw all night against Cezar Mutante in front of Theodorou's adoring Canadian fans.

Ultimately, the fight wasn't that exciting, but Theodorou calling out a fan to make good on a tattoo bet made it all worth it.

Now, highlights.

Theodorou moved in as round 3 was running out of time in an attempt to definitively take the fight on the scorecards via aggression, but got put on his back.

Mutante would take Theodorou's back, Theodorou would escape yet again, and the close fight would end with the Canadian getting the win, improving to 13-1, and then calling out a Twitter fan to get a tattoo of Elias himself on his face?!?!

Yepppppppppp. Post-fight Elias said he's gonna fly Dean up to Toronto and get the ink done. Wow.


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