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Justin Golightly

MMA is a beast that never sleeps. Before the sun came up for most people, the UFC announced their news to the world that Gokhan Saki has signed a long-term contract. Through confounding teasers and faux hacks to Saki's social media, this insane signing has been teased via guerrilla marketing right in front of our noses. GLORY Kickboxing's loss, is not the UFC's incredible gain.

“I'm glad I finally can announce that I have signed an exclusive long term contact with the UFC. The best investment the UFC has made since Conor McGregor. Soon I will show everybody what Turkey and U.A.E. bring to the table.” — Gokhan Saki.

“Despite standing at just six feet tall, the Turkish fighter had the speed and power to compete with and beat the best heavyweights of his time, compiling a remarkable 83-12, 1 NC record that included 59 wins by knockout and several titles in promotions such as Glory and K-1. In 2004, he lost his lone mixed martial arts bout to UFC vet James Zikic, but this year, Saki, who currently makes his home in Dubai, is determined to make a mark in the world of MMA and begin his march to a 205-pound world championship.” — Gokhan Saki's summary from UFC's official announcement.

According to this lengthy rant on his official Facebook page, Saki was pissed off by GLORY politics and not being able to fight their champion, Rico Verhoeven. Now, the UFC has an angry, elite kickboxer with almost 100 fights busting down the door to the light heavyweight division. That's right, this killer will be in the same division as Jon Jones and he wants that title. Gokhan Saki wants to debut in Rotterdam on Sept. 2, so we may see if this will be a successful career move before the end of this year.


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