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Gilbert Melendez was one of those dudes that totally annihilated anyone he fought outside of the UFC for years, but fell short when he finally broke into the big leagues. Could it have been he just wasn't as good as everyone thought? Or it may have been that a murderer's row of Benson Henderson, Diego Sanchez, Anthony Pettis and Eddie Alvarez was just too fast and too furious. Either way, after going 1-4 in UFC's lightweight division, Melendez's next fight will be at featherweight.

"That’s my goal, is to make 145. That’s what I’m working on right now at this point," Melendez said to MMAJunkie Radio. "I’d like to prove I’m one of the toughest in the division with a solid opponent who is willing to fight me and not stick and move, if I can get that, it would be great. I’m looking for one last [title] run.”

“Until I book a fight at 145, I can’t really confirm that, but yeah, that’s my goal right now,” Melendez said. “I’m trying to slim up. I’m really trying to diet and lose this fat around the belly a little bit more and really maximize my body’s potential. Once I get to that point, which should be in the next few weeks, I’ll really be able to make that jump and make that big decision."

Just before his wife fought for , Melendez actually told us last year he was considering a move to featherweight. He won't be the first who has thought a switch could reignite their career. Renan Barao, , and just recently thought featherweight could be a new home for them. Unfortunately, none of the above worked out so well.

Hmm, a Melendez said 'a solid opponent that is willing to fight' and not, you know, try to avoid punches? I think I know the perfect opponent for Melendez...

Let's go ahead with Melendez vs Sanchez 2!


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