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Justin Golightly

The fans were teased for months about Georges St-Pierre returning to the UFC last year. Negotiations reached a fever pitch, and our Dinosaur-hunting, welterweight king looked closer than ever to Superman-punching top contenders again. Probably more than anyone, Michael Bisping got his hopes up only to be left in a depression like the rest of us. But, cry no more, it looks like St-Pierre is back!

Just when all the huge draws in the UFC are either gone for good, suspended, or trying to box Floyd Mayweather, GSP swoops in draped in a Canadian flag and becomes the savior the UFC needs. You have to think his bargaining power skyrocketed since last year, and his demands seemed to look less and less like burdens to a the powers that be.

Will they finally make the fight the UFC teased for almost a decade? Will get his vengeance? What about 's dream fight? Now that he's back, there's a hundred questions waiting to be answered and this story is still developing.


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