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After a devastating loss caused by the lighting bolt foot of , Gegard Mousasi went on to defeat three, tough Brazilian fighters, culminating with a stoppage of Vitor Belfort.

This is the "not playing around Mousasi." This is the "speak-his-mind" Mousasi. This is a Mousasi who wants to finally live up to the hype he has when he entered the UFC and get that title belt. He knows a win at is a must and exactly what the next step is.

"A big fight is going to get me the belt," Mousasi said to Severe MMA. "A guy like Luke Rockhold is going to get me the fight for the belt."

"After this one, who is ahead of me? Luke Rockhold and Jacare [Souza]. I need get this win and fight somebody like Luke Rockhold," Mousasi said. "Jacare I fought twice, I don't think anyone wants to see that fight again. I think Luke Rockhold is the fight people would like to see and Nick Diaz or Anderson [Silva] is always a fight for me. They have big name. Big value."

This mindset is not only crucial in this chaotic fight sport climate, but the future of the UFC. Mousasi is a cerebral dude in and out of the cage, and has figured out that you prepare yourself to knock out contenders, but also stay fluid if a "money fight" opens up, because those are just as valuable to get what you want. Just ask current king of the UFC, Conor McGregor. As for the task at hand, "Mystic" Mousasi has a prediction:

"I'm going to win nine out of ten times. I'm going to show that on Saturday [against Hall]," Mousasi said. "Finish it within two rounds by strikes but if it goes to five rounds, no problem."

Watch the entire pre-fight interview below.


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