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Brock Lesnar failed his drug test and Mark Hunt thinks it may have been on purpose. And why not? He made more money than anyone else on UFC 200 by a mile and only had to give up $250K to do it. It's reasons like that why it's not hard to see Lesnar making a 2017 return. Frank Mir sure thought so when he talked to Submission Radio, and he wants to welcome him back once again.

“Oh absolutely,” Mir said. “But I mean at this point, I just want to go out there and still compete and perform. So fighting Brock, obviously that would be a good money payday cause of his name recognition and the amount of people that would watch and the story behind it. So it makes a lot more sense than some other fights.”

This isn't the first time Mir has gone on record saying he wanted another crack at Lesnar. After he beat Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, he was ready to complete the trilogy. So what does Silva, Mir and Lesnar all have in common? fought all of them and all three of the fighters popped, resulting in Hunt becoming one of the angriest men in MMA for the last two years.

There's only one clear solution: Gather all of the heavyweight guys who failed drug tests and put them in a grand prix. Hunt will sit in a throne and watch the tournament like Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. With Brock Lesnar, Bigfoot Silva, , and , we could create one helluva sequel to the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix finals.


How long before the beast is back?


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