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Justin Golightly

If everyone wasn't already on the Francis Ngannou hype train, it's all aboard after Ngannou Mortal Kombat uppercut Andrei Arlovski into a knockout victory at UFC Denver on Saturday. The heavyweight division is now this young beast's wide-open buffet, and he already has a beeline for one of the biggest hunks of meat in the entire weight class. On The MMA Hour, Ngannou just said he wants none-other than Cain Velasquez for his next UFC fight.

Holy mother of God! This would be like one of those old Japanese monster movies where two beasts floor a whole city with during their battle. Granted, Ngannou just now broke into the top ten with his win at and (ranked 2nd in the division) is almost as big of a leap in competition as their physiques, but still it wouldn't be surprising.

Either way, and will have their own monster throwdown at on Feb. 19th. The winner of that fight going up against Ngannou would be a great step closer to Velasquez.

Watch the entire Ngannou segment below.


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