ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

The fiery conference call with Bjorn Rebney, GSP, Tim Kennedy, Donald Cerrone, T.J. Dillashaw and Cain Velasquez lasted multiple hours, and it was without a doubt one of the most intense and possibly sport-changing few hours in MMA history.

This call was utterly flabbergasting. Tim Kennedy and Georges St-Pierre in particular were incredibly vocal about what they need to do to help not only the current fighters in MMA, but the past fighters that have been left with nothing, and the future fighters, who may or may not be reconsidering a career in the sport due to low wages and a murky retirement.

Of course, many questions remain, and it's unknown how the UFC will react to this. GSP put it best:

And so, as the call went on, fighters, media members and promoters took to Twitter in order to lend their support, ask questions or wonder aloud if this was the right thing to do.


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