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Scott McCann

It's BJ Penn Week and there's a full slate of live fights this weekend, so prepare for some good news because through January 13-15 you’ll be able to use the UFC's expansive streaming service for free!

That's right, thousands of fights from over thirty sporting promotions will be at the click of your fingertips for a three-day weekend.

With the return of BJ Penn to the UFC Octagon, it seems the promotion is feeling a little bit more generous and thus allowing non-Fight Pass members to access the services vast library.

The free weekend will conclude with the live coverage from the UFC Fight Night event in Pheonix, Arizona.

The Fight Pass library contains over 11,000 fights from 33 combat sports promotions, as well as original content from the UFC itself such as their online series Dana White: Lookin’ For A Fight.

With hours of entertainment at the click of a button, this opportunity is not to be missed for fight fans. Seriously. You have BJ Penn fights to watch!

Of course, for this guy, it’s not the best timing…


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