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Amy Kaplan

Alex Oliveira defeated Will Brooks in the co-main event at UFC Fight Night Portland Saturday night via third round TKO.

Oliveira missed weight by a whopping 5.5 pounds yesterday, which ultimately puts a question mark on this win.

"I'm sorry," Oliveira said during his post fight interviews "But he insulted me yesterday. I've never missed weight before, but he insulted me."

Brooks called Oliveira unprofessional for missing weight, and the beef between the two fighters could be felt, even before the opening bell.

Brooks opened the round hungry, but ended up against the cage after a failed takedown attempt. Eventually, he was able to escape the Oliveira's clinch to get the takedown he had been trying for. After a power struggle, it looked like Oliveira might have Brooks in a guillotine, but the submission wasn't quite there, so Brooks was able to survive for round two.

During the break, Brooks was heard saying to his corner that he had "popped a rib," so all eyes were on him entering round two. The potential injury seemed not to phase the former Bellator champion, and he was able to take the Brazilian to the ground where he maintained top control. No matter how many times Oliveira got to his feet, Brooks was able to take him to the ground where he maintained his dominance.

Brooks was visibly in pain as he entered round with three with a flurry of kicks to Oliveira's shins, but every movement appeared to be causing excruciating pain, which clearly showed on his face. Oliveira capitalized on that, finishing Brooks with gruesome ground and pound, and leaving the former Bellator champion writhing in pain.

Unfortunately, Oliveira showed a lack of sportsmanship, taunting Brooks after the stoppage. Brooks' response was to throw his mouth piece in Cowboy's direction. The fans in Portland were not happy, showing their discontent by booing the new victor.

Oliveira says he will move up in weight after this fight.


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