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Josh Molina

Big Country KO'd Bigfoot.

After stalking him for nearly two rounds, Roy Nelson finally caught Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva with a thumping right hand uppercut, a blow that lifted Silva briefly off the ground.

"It puts me right back at the top," Nelson said after the fight. "I am one fight away. I am here to fight. I am here to put a good fight for the fans."

Nelson followed the knockdown with several blows before referee Big John McCarthy stopped the fight. The end came at 4:10 of the second round.

Silva began the fight strong, landing some strong leg kicks. Silva kept switching stances, from orthodox to southpaw, movement that threw Nelson off.

Nelson was trying to time the big right hand, but Silva fought smart, keeping his distance with kicks. Nelson, at one point in the first round, went for a takedown, but Silva stuffed it.

The action stopped for a few seconds after Silva landed a low blow. He rushed Nelson after the break, but Nelson tangled him, backing him against the cage. The low blow appeared to wake Roy up, as he seemed to time his punches better after the low blow, landing a couple of right hands before the big uppercut put Silva out.

Nelson was upset with McCarthy's stoppage, feeling the fight should have been stopped sooner, and actually gave McCarthy a soft kick to the backside as McCarthy was hovering over the fallen Silva.


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