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Get ready to be super excited! Paige VanZant just got all hopped up on Monster Energy Drink and fired up her Periscope app for some breaking news. Yes. She will marry you, random dude on in the chat, but that's not the scoop. VanZant is going to add author to her resume because she is going to release a book!

"Do you guys want to know my special, special, favorite, special news?! It's a big one!" VanZant said in her own fan Q&A. "So I — amongst all the other crazy things I do in my life, how busy I've been— have also been writing a book and it just got picked up by a publishing company, which is really exciting so guys, get so excited for me! I am putting a book out!"

"I'm so excited that I have my book coming out, so all of you need to pay attention because it's going to be a big one!" VanZant said. "I've talked a lot about by life and I've talked about where I come from and my past, and this is going to tell you everything. It's going to tell you absolutely everything!"

UFC fighter, second place on Dancing With the Stars and now she's going to be a published author. I, for one, can't wait to put on my best pair of fuzzy socks, open up a bottle of Pinot and dig in to the tell-all VanZant exposé. Will her inevitable book signings interfere with her return to the Octagon? Only time will tell, but it's clear VanZant has a ton of options to pursue if she'd like a break from MMA.

...Could acting be next!?


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