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Justin Golightly

It was just back in November that the 2016 event of the year went down, where the fighter of the year knocked out Eddie Alvarez to become champ champ. After some time at home after Conor McGregor's sniper left, Alvarez has unsuccessfully put together fights with Michael Chiesa, Dustin Poirier, and Nate Diaz. While Alvarez would want to finally settle an old beef with Diaz, he understands that the allure of a third red panty night with McGregor is just too great.

There's no question McGregor isn't just a money fight, he's the money fight. From July 2015 to March 2016, he drew twice as many buys than the entire UFC in 2014. The pay-outs that McGregor and received for were the highest of any UFC athlete ever. When you break down the numbers, it's easy to see why understands Diaz waiting for McGregor. After all, he also earned the most money he's ever had in his 14 year career fighting McGregor at .


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