ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

What a special guy, this Donald Cerrone. He's never had a matchup he didn't look past to get on the next possible fight card. After his UFC 206 knockout over Matt Brown, he immediately turned to Jorge Masvidal and booked a fight with him 7 weeks later. Now he's already getting prepped for his next fight before he settles the score with Masvidal, looking ahead to a March date with a No.1 contender.

Cerrone laid out his plans to FOX Sports:

“I just care about keep on fighting. I know they’ve got the (Tyron) Woodley-(Stephen) Thompson fight coming in March. I wouldn’t mind getting a No. 1 contender fight in March also maybe on the same card and then fight the winner of those two."

And just who could the contender be? Former champ Robbie Lawler or Demian Maia, who has been sitting and waiting for his title shot since decimating Carlos Condit in mid-2016.

“Whoever, if I could fight in March. I know the title fight, they’re going to be fighting in March so we’ll have to get a No. 1 contender. Hopefully, Demian Maia will (expletive) want to pull the trigger and not just keep waiting or Robbie (Lawler).

It's like Cerrone is in a perpetual fight camp. How can you not respect this guy's hustle?


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